last weekend we started off the beginning of the christmas season by dropping by our local christmas tree farm (battaglia christmas tree farm) to pick up a 🎄! we took elle here last year & so it was super fun to come back to the same farm to repeat the annual holiday festivities. she was definitely excited and had a blast picking out the perfect tree. 🙂 they also have train rides and reindeer rides (weather permitting) and we got to go on the train ride together! 🚂

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hi friends!

i think this is my favorite time of the year… end of the year holidays… it always starts out with thanksgiving (which is my fave!!.. carb lover’s dream come true) and then all the magic of christmas to end the year! thanksgiving here in the bay area was lovely as usual.. we had a cozy family dinner with our family who was in the bay area at my parent’s this year and had a FEAST. i may be biased, but my mom is one of the BEST cooks i know and she makes amazing dishes that are very thoughtful and clean.. so even though i’ve been struggling with some intense gestational diabetes, I was able to have a full traditional thanksgiving plate (and keep my levels in check) and full heart this thanksgiving. it was also so sweet to see little e hanging out with her younger cousin during the dinner. this time in the bay area has been so needed. something about family time that heals all, you know?

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hi friends! we had a lovely easter weekend over here. friday, we spent the afternoon hanging out with friends at a local park.. the mamas put together a small egg hunt (thanks girls for organizing!) and little e had the most fabulous time! it was her first time participating and she got the concept quite quick! 😉 i found our large plastic eggs from target and filled them with organic gummies for the littles. another good idea was that some of the mamas filled them with stickers and tatoo art! i’ll need to brainstorm a bit for next year because little e went a little bonkers for the gummies… and we don’t really need to start a gummie craze over here in this house… a mama with an addiction to gummies is probably enough… let’s spare the toddler. haha.

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