something my own mama instilled in me from a very young age was a love to read. i mean… i was that kid who would read with a flashlight under her blanket at night.. yeah. i know. anyways, it’s something that we have tried to encourage little e to really enjoy from a very early age (this was her first book.. she loved it and supposedly the black/white helps their little eyes!!) and luckily, she is already an avid reader (read: loves picture books & being read too). we try to sprinkle it in different ways throughout the week (story times 1-2x a week, bible stories in the morning during breakfast, and reading during the day and before naps & bedtimes). here are some of her current faves as a 2.5 yo toddler! Read More


hi all. if you have ever met me you know.. i’m a bit in love with the LA metro system. basically… long story short, when i first moved to LA for grad school i was bummed out that i didn’t live in a very metro/public transportation friendly city. (i mean los angeles is jus soooooo huge) but i am so happy to say that the metro system has really grown here and living in old pasadena means i live next door to a metro stop!!!! so.. i’ve really come to love hopping on and exploring LA as much as possible.. i’ll be sharing here my fun finds along the metro line.. mostly gold line as that’s what i frequent the most! 🙂 hope you all get to explore LA a little bit along with me car-free! 

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what’s in my purse: disneyland edition.

after 5 pretty recent trips to disneyland/california adventures.. and one more coming up before we call it el fin for the year, t and i have pretty much figured out what we need to take in with us.. let’s be real: on our first trip we took TOO much. luckily we have a nifty stroller that we LOVE that we ended up stashing all our extra junk so it wasn’t too bad.. but we’ve really narrowed it down so we can have the essentials but not worry about losing things or being weighed down during the day! hope our essentials lists helps some parents as they get ready to travel to disney! 🙂

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disney: california adventures

so we just got back from our 5th (!!!!) disney trip to disneyland/california adventures this spring. we have been utilizing the southern california offer and the fact that sweet little e is under 3 yrs old to have disney adventures and mini staycations in anaheim this spring. this is the first year we are taking our daughter to disneyland..


mini mel (mickey+minnie shoes) / birkenstocks (mama) / sunnies (mama)

we have had a blast this spring so far and are looking forward to our final trip next month before the summer heat really ramps up here in southern california..

read below for more pictures from our most recent visit to california adventures and some tips/tricks we picked up this season to make our d-land trips fun, pretty stress-free, and doable with a little 2.5 yo toddler! 🙂

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