hi friends. we just got back from our final disneyland trip of the year… and im just sitting here looking through all my picture albums marveling at just how much fun we had this spring. thanks to the southern california resident pass we were able to enjoy the disneyland resort park SIX time starting in january…. and we are quite disney-ed out… BUT we had so much fun each time we went. you can check out my other post on california adventures for more tips&tricks, but today i wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from our disney adventures.

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little e on her first disneyland trip!

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you know.. minnie+mickey shoes + ribbons for this tiny ballerina….

ok, so one of the most magical moments for little e was meeting all the characters! she really got into it even though she didnt really know who alll the princesses were… disney does such an amazing job making each meet & great feel special. tip: you can use the disneyland app to see exactly what times and where the characters will show up! also, if you want to do the princesses in the castle.. do it as soon as it opens… or else the waits are SUPER brutal!

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her love for minnie.. <3 <3 <3

thanks disney for keeping the magic real. we’ll remember these trips for the rest of the year with fondness… they were the perfect spring mini staycations and we enjoyed them as a family of 3!

a recap of what we did… 
1. 4 trips to disneyland, 2 trips to california adventures (!!)
2. stayed at the hyatt place/house anaheim/convention center either the night before or also the night after for most of our trips *free breakfast included, can use your chase ultimate rewards!*
3. met minnie, mickey, goofie, pluto, doc mcstuffin, sophia the princess, ariel, cinderella, snow white, alice in wonderland, evil queen, and tinker bell and little e LOVED this! you can definitely take your own pictures and each character is super nice/patient with your child! 🙂
4. goofy’s kitchen for dinner the night before one of our trips in downtown disney was pretty cool for a toddler – we met a bunch of characters this way and it’s a buffet full of kid-approved (not necessarily parent approved, hah!) food. *make res online at disneyland.com or on the disneyland app to make sure you don’t have to wait!
5. fastpass – do it. you basically walk on to the rides.. if your little is too young you can always parent/rider swap! also… don’t forget world of color in california adventures also has a fast pass..
6. if your little naps in a stroller – take advantage – either stay in the park and chill/eat to re-energize or you can pop on into downtown disney before heading back in! there is a wine bar (catal) where you can get some bites to munch on and a drink or two while the little one zzzZZZzz..
7. random but don’t bring in any selfie sticks (i didn’t try – tim hates it when i use one.. and everyone is SO NICE at disney and offers to take your photos for you) but one of the guys in the front checking bags said any self sticks that expand are not allowed!
8. hungry bear restaurant in disneyland (critter county) has this iced lemonade slushy drink that is AMAZING. it was my fave. it even came with a honey stick. yummmmmm.
9. bring snacks! and water! some of our fave is to fill up e’s yumbox with cracks, pretzels, carrots, fruit… i also like the dried mangos from trader joe’s, and we usually will grab a banana or apple to go from breakfast with us. keep hydrated! we usually walk 3+ miles on a trip so keeping the fluids in keeps us all from getting to cranky and tired. 🙂
10. get the disneyland app, measure your little’s height and preview which rides s/he can ride! we did this and we were able to efficiently hit all her height rides on our trips.. you can filter the rides by height.. you can also filter by other options like fast pass (worth looking into for adults also) and dark/loud — little e doesn’t like the indoor dark/loud rides because they are SUPER LOUD. so we learned to skip most of those (except for the buzz light year one.. because… it’s so fun.. you know!?)

try to enjoy the trip from your little’s perspective.. it was honestly so fun to see her eye’s light up and get excited.. and to think about it from her toddler stance i could see just how magical disney is..

peace out disneyland. it’s been great. we’ll be back..

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