hi friends! we had a lovely easter weekend over here. friday, we spent the afternoon hanging out with friends at a local park.. the mamas put together a small egg hunt (thanks girls for organizing!) and little e had the most fabulous time! it was her first time participating and she got the concept quite quick! 😉 i found our large plastic eggs from target and filled them with organic gummies for the littles. another good idea was that some of the mamas filled them with stickers and tatoo art! i’ll need to brainstorm a bit for next year because little e went a little bonkers for the gummies… and we don’t really need to start a gummie craze over here in this house… a mama with an addiction to gummies is probably enough… let’s spare the toddler. haha.

after the egg hunt we had a picnic on the grass. the girls ran around, blew bubbles, and played soccer… we ended the day roaming the recently finished playground at palmer park! looks like they also have a wading pool area so we will definitely have to come back to check it out! 

the playground got a thumbs up from little e.. she enjoyed all the slides, the swings, the climbing, the spinning… it accomodates a wide range of kids with a smaller toddler size slide/climbing area and a larger climbing structure area.. it is right next to a skate board park so we had to make sure the littles didn’t run over to that area.. 🙂 .. park time is little e’s favorite and we are always excited to check out a new spot and definitely look forward to coming back to palmer soon!


also… some of little e’s other favorite parks in LA!
1. central park {pasadena in old pasadena… also right across from the metro station!!}
2. grand park/wade pool {dtla… also super metro accessible!}
3. brookside park {pasadena, near the rosebowl behind the rosebowl aquatics center}
4. garfield park {south pasadena}
5. lincoln park {burbank}


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