something my own mama instilled in me from a very young age was a love to read. i mean… i was that kid who would read with a flashlight under her blanket at night.. yeah. i know. anyways, it’s something that we have tried to encourage little e to really enjoy from a very early age (this was her first book.. she loved it and supposedly the black/white helps their little eyes!!) and luckily, she is already an avid reader (read: loves picture books & being read too). we try to sprinkle it in different ways throughout the week (story times 1-2x a week, bible stories in the morning during breakfast, and reading during the day and before naps & bedtimes). here are some of her current faves as a 2.5 yo toddler!

Hap-pea all year by Keith Baker
Lift-the-flap Shapes by Usborne
Ella Bella Ballerina Series

Peppa Pig Series
Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle
Don’t Be Afraid, Little Pip











  1. Hap-pea all year: we both love this book, the colors and illustrations are fantastic and it’s an easy read!
  2. Lift-the-flap Shapes: this book is little e’s favorite (and has been for months now!)… it’s interactive and really helped her learn shapes, colors, numbers.. this is one we have at home that rarely stays on the shelf because she is constantly reading it.
  3. Ella Bella Ballerina series: little e loves this book because she is super into ballet.. and mama loves this book because the illustrations are just so lovely. There are several in the series, we own a couple but usually borrow 1 or 2 from the library time to time to mix up the stories.
  4. Peppa Pig: little e was introduced this series at story time… and since then she has really fallen in love! we really like this busy day at school one because there are a lot of different “exercises” little e can partake in.. for example she counts with the class and says her a, b, c’s also.. (we also own a couple of the peppa books in iBook version that i keep on my iPad for plane rides and trips! it’s better than lugging around lots of books when  your out and about!)
  5. Flora and the Flamingo: this one is definitely a winner. the illustrations are beautiful.. and it’s wordless! which can be a hit or miss with this mama depending on how tired i am.. but little e loves it.
  6. Don’t Be Afraid, Little Pip: she loves this one.. we’ve borrowed it over a dozen times from the library.. we probably need to just buy our own version.

which books are favorites for your littles? i’d love to know so we can continue to build our reading repertoire!


a couple more faves..
1. i’m a ballerina! / 2. angelina ballerina / 3. bitsy ballerina / 4. chicka chicka boom boom / 5. tale of two beasts / 6. i prayed for you


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