hi all. if you have ever met me you know.. i’m a bit in love with the LA metro system. basically… long story short, when i first moved to LA for grad school i was bummed out that i didn’t live in a very metro/public transportation friendly city. (i mean los angeles is jus soooooo huge) but i am so happy to say that the metro system has really grown here and living in old pasadena means i live next door to a metro stop!!!! so.. i’ve really come to love hopping on and exploring LA as much as possible.. i’ll be sharing here my fun finds along the metro line.. mostly gold line as that’s what i frequent the most! 🙂 hope you all get to explore LA a little bit along with me car-free! 

YOU GUYS. if you haven’t been to home brewed bar yet here in old pasadena, i highly recommend you come by. hbb is our favorite favorite favorite coffee/tea spot in LA. hands down. they serve cold-brewed coffees and teas and i am … in love? obsessed?  with their milk teas. they use an amazing lactose-free house milk that is sooooo good. hot or cold, with or without bobas or additions…. you can also get options with other milk alternatives so there are so so so many options and everything is just so good.

trust me, basically all my non-pasadena LA friends bring their home brewed bar growlers with them when they head on over this way. yes, that’s right – you can get growlers of milk teas and lattes… ummm yes please!!!!

🚦 metro deets:
🚃 gold line – memorial park station.
** exit the station and head stright down arroyo street a block!
** my fave: milk tea/almond (earl grey based 😍) and kid’s milk for little e!!
** get your milk tea and then wander around old pasadena for more eats and shopping!


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hi! i'm a mama to a sweet little toddler living in los angeles and blogging about our life and our travels abroad!