what’s in my purse: disneyland edition.

after 5 pretty recent trips to disneyland/california adventures.. and one more coming up before we call it el fin for the year, t and i have pretty much figured out what we need to take in with us.. let’s be real: on our first trip we took TOO much. luckily we have a nifty stroller that we LOVE that we ended up stashing all our extra junk so it wasn’t too bad.. but we’ve really narrowed it down so we can have the essentials but not worry about losing things or being weighed down during the day! hope our essentials lists helps some parents as they get ready to travel to disney! 🙂

1. thermos funtainer bottle (x2) – we LOVE these insulated straw bottles because we can keep 1 with ice cold water and 1 with cold milk for our little toddler and they keep cold ALL DAY LONG! we keep 1 in each outer pocket on our backpack (which is essential because we need both our hands free to keep up with the crowds and overall cray cray that is disney).

2. potty covers – little e is potty trained (but pretty newly so) and i sort of (read: am hugely) a germaphobe. so i always keep a couple of these in our backpack on day trips out just incase we run across a potty that doesn’t have disposable seat covers 😲.. well i use these sometimes even if they do.. these are AMAZING because they really cover the ends and front of the toilet so you don’t have to worry about your little one touching the toilet (barf) accidently.. and my little one is pretty tiny still so she sometimes has to hold on to the seat to not fall in.. and these covers let her do that without touching the actual toilet (big win!!!!)

3. wipes – she’s no longer in dipes but these are great for wiping down tables, dirty hands, food covered faces.. ect..

4. yumbox lunchbox – little e is a huge huge fan of this lunch box.. and her mama is a big fan too. i love the clear tray that pops in and out for super easy cleans.. and little e loves that she has a bunch of variety to much on throughout the day. i usually pack it with an icepack to keep the food cool.. we’re known to fill it with pb&j sandwiches, grapes, apples, carrot slices, cheerios and almonds… i usually will also throw in a frozen apple sauce pouch on the side or a couple of tangerines also now that little e is into them.. the key is to have snacks for your little one throughout the day so they don’t get hangry. really.. t can only handle 1 of us being hangry at a time.. and i’m basically always hangry…. foooooddd.. <3

5. legos! ok.. so not the whole box.. but we bring a couple of pieces that we can throw in the backpack front small zipper so she can play with these in the stroller.. cuz little e is not the biggest fan of strollers cuz she is miss little independent! 🙂 but stroller time is needed (especially around nap time) and giving her something to keep occupied with helps!

6. and because it’s so sunny all the time in LA .. don’t forget the sunblock! thinkbaby is our household favorite! it has zinc oxide in it but it’s really easy to rub in.. and it actually .. smells pretty good! we always replenish our stock every spring. 🙂

hope this what’s in my purse (backpack) edition was helpful! 🙂


p.s. also our 2 favorite umbrella/compact strollers are the maclaren quest (their new version that we have has an AMAZING sun shade + one hand recline) and the mountain buggy nano (folds up super small and is easy to store in your trunk for on-the-go and is carryon ok for airplane trips!)


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